It represents the combination of elegance and innovation in the field of heating. It allows the visual enjoyment of the flame and the view of the fire from different angles of the room.

  • Natural energy stove with secondary combustion
  • Average CO concentration: 13% – O2: 0.2370%
  • Automatic flue gas damper
  • Minimum safety distance from flammable materials: 800mm
  • Average flue gas temperature: 253°C
  • Performance Grade: 77.70%
  • Wood consumption: 3.08kg/h to 6.46kg/h
  • Cross-section of 2 air ducts: Φ 125mm
  • Chimney cross-section: Φ 250mm
  • Controlled combustion air supply: Φ 80mm

They are also available in an air-heated version with additional features: 730m³/h double suction fan and digital control panel.

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Model Ex. Dimensions In. Dimensions Power
K3 P – 720 74x65cm 60x50cm 14.69KW
K3 P – 820 82x65cm 70x50cm 16.64KW
K3 P – 920 92x65cm 80x50cm 21.87KW
K3 P – 102 102x65cm  90x50cm 23.17KW
K3 P – 112 112x65cm 100x50cm 26.17KW

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Series K3