NEF is committed to producing high quality fireplaces that meet the highest safety and performance standards.

CE Certification:

The CE marking is a necessary condition for the circulation of a product in the European Union. It certifies that the product complies with the basic safety, health and environmental protection requirements set by the European directives. NEF works with recognized thermodynamic study institutes to ensure that its fireplaces meet all the criteria for receiving the CE marking.

Ecodesign Certification:

Ecodesign certification focuses on the environmental performance of productsn. NEF fireplaces bearing the Ecodesign label are distinguished by: High energy efficiency: Burn fuels with maximum energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and emissions. Low emissions: They contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing emissions during their operation.

OBI certification: Guarantee of uniqueness and innovation

NEF fireplaces are unique and innovative: OBI has granted a patent for the designs and functions of NEF fireplaces, recognizing their pioneering spirit and innovation. NEF has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell: OBI certification protects NEF fireplaces from copies and imitations, assuring our customers that they are buying an authentic NEF product.

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