NEF is committed to producing high quality fireplaces through love and dedication, with a long tradition and exports to over 9 countries.

NEF was founded in 2012 with the aim of highlighting the antiquity and complexity of fire in a unique experience for every home. Combined experience and continuous innovation have led to the creation of a wide range of air and water energy fireplaces, with wood being the main fuel. NEF's commitment to the highest manufacturing standards ensures customers, the absolute safety and efficient operation of the fireplaces, with excellent accuracy and low operating costs.

In private ones facilities, with an area of 2500m², combines the modern organization with high expertise, while possessing an elite professional force with experience that reflects the resolute commitment to quality and excellence, which ranks it among in the leading construction companies in Greece in its kind.

THE CE certification obtained from recognized thermodynamic study institutes is yet another confirmation of it high quality and compliance with strict standards of the industry.

Every NEF product represents the company's personal commitment to excellence and durability, offering a unique heating and aesthetic experience in every space

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